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HZM-1300 Solvent Wrapping Machine

Short Description:

This machine is applicable for board profile surface treatment, wrapping foil on window sills, door panels, foam board. It dispenses polyurethane glue, the coating system uses scratch manner. 

The on-line operation can be realized and extruded production line.

There are two kinds of machines-power and powerless.

The machine is composed of automatic feeding system , primer coating, automatic shaving glue device and protection film device, etc. 

The machine adopts Siemens frequency control、Omron temperature control system、 worm gear drive、Germany Schneider low-pressure electric ware, touch screen device in English and Russian.(as request)

Technical Information

Product Tags

HZM600 Hot Melt Wrapping Machine


Machine Introduction:

Power supply 380V 50HZ
Total power 26 KW
Driving power 3.7 KW
Wrapping width 80-1300mm
Wrapping height


Wrapping speed





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