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HZM-300 Hot Melt Wrapping Machine

Short Description:

It is suitable for the lamination on PVC, aluminum, WPC and ABS window profile. Glueing technology by means of hot melt and reactive American Nordson daubing system hot melt adhesives (PUR).

The machine consist of automatically feed material and coat prima,fluoresent light detection,pre-heating profile,double film feeding rollers,automatically joint film with the two rollers,automatically correct error and glue and coat protective film.

Siemens operating system,Aotonics temperature control system,high effective gear drive,Germany schneider electric control device,human-computer interface i English and Chinese.

Technical Information

Product Tags

HZM600 Hot Melt Wrapping Machine


Machine Introduction:

Power supply 380V 50HZ
Total power 26 KW
Driving power 2.2KW
Wrapping width 5~300mm
Wrapping height 120mm

Wrapping speed


 Equipment weight




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