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HZM-300 Solvent Wrapping Machine

Short Description:

This machine is used for surface laminating on PVC window and door profile , aluminum alloy window and door profile ,WPC line, WPC door pocket. The machine is adopted solvent.

The machine is equipped with automatic dust cleaner, coating affinity agent device, profile preheating device, automatic shaving device, filming protection film device etc. Automatic coating affinity agent device and fluorescence detection device are selective.

Technical Information

Product Tags

HZM600 Hot Melt Wrapping Machine


Machine Introduction:

Power supply 380V 50HZ
Wrapping width 20-300mm
Wrapping height 125mm
Wrapping speed 0-20m/min
Dimensions 5000mm X 1000mm X2200mm
Driving power   2.2Kw
Total power 16 KW


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