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LMT-400 /630 /1000 /1300 sander

Short Description:

The machine is used for thickness calibrating and elaboration sanding and also other profile’s surface treatment. The profile convoy adopts pressing roller and it has dial indicator for accurate adjustment. Once and for all solve the problem of accurate adjustment. The delivery platform lift uses microcomputer digital control and it is easy to operate, and also with high precision. Major diameter roller with rubber works with good stability. Advanced hydraulic drive conveyer belt solve the problem of slip and shake. Abrasive belt uses air pressure control, will not affected by dust, power-out influence. Abrasive belt has cleaning device and automatically clean the belt during the process which can prolong its working life.

Technical Information

Product Tags

Machine Introduction:

Model working width Processing thickness Conveying Speed Conveying Speed
LMT-400 400mm 2-110/200/300mm 5-25m/min 15kw
LMT-630 600mm 2-110/200/300mm 5-25m/min 20.43kw
LMT-1000 1000mm 2-110/200/300mm 5-25m/min 35.94kw
LMT-1300 1300mm 2-110/200/300mm 5-25m/min 56.37kw


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