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LMT-400 WPC brushing machine.

Short Description:

The machine is used for the surface brushing of PE, PP, PVC board, plastics, rubber board and ABS board to increase the wooden feeling. It drives with crawler-type and frequency conversion. You can adjust the thickness flexibly and customize special shaped steel roller.

Technical Information

Product Tags

Machine Introduction:

Steel roller diameter ∮200mm

Steel number: 2 set

Motor power: 5.5KW*2

Revolving speed:1420r/min

Track width:330mm

Speed governing motor power:0.75KW

Speed adjustable range:0-900m/min

Feeding speed:2-18m/min

Automatic lifting system:2 set lead screw

Lifting motor:0.75KW

Suction inlet: ∮100*2

300mm Effective processing width: 300m

Product thickness:5-120mm

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