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LMT-400 WPC embossing machine

Short Description:

The machine is used for embossing of PE or PP WPC profile, and to make the profile surface has better face woodiness feeling. The surface of embossing roller can be processed to several of wood grain texture, chrome plating, easy operation and wear resistance.

The diameter of embossing roller is 295mm*360mm and effective embossing width 360mm. Firstly, it’s welded to shape by seamless alloy steel pipe and then sculptured or corroded pattern on the roller surface as requested. At last, hard chromium plated HRC65 with thickness of 0.10-0.15mm.

Technical Information

Product Tags

Machine Introduction:

Model Embossing width  Embossing speed Embossing diameter Embossing height Main Power
400 360 0-10m/min ∮295 60/200/300mm 3.7kw
600 600 0-10m/min ∮295 60/200/300mm 3.7kw
1000 1000 0-10m/min ∮295 60/200/300mm 3.7kw


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